Martinique to Bequia

When we’re anticipating doing an over night sail, we’re always slightly nervous. Simply the theory that the weather might go bad in the exact middle of the night time when I’m tired, somewhat seasick, and mostly blind, begins to tie my stomach in knots. But since there is usually a moment or two of vexation or anxiety, general itsn’t because bad when I worry it is.

Once we left Martinique for the final overnight before Grenada, it’s fair to say that we had been both dreading it. The forecast needed 20 knot winds with gusts to 25 and 5-6 foot sees. We had been extremely relieved to get mostly 3-4 foot waves in most of our 100 nautical mile journey.

Our plan was that provided that the current weather had been comfortable we might pass by St. Lucia, then avoid St. Vincent on our option to Bequia (which is in fact element of St. Vincent). Mainland St. Vincent has developed a bad reputation among cruisers because of its debateable security, so we knew we’dn’t be stopping there unless we did some more research throughly first. Since the weather ended up being decent, we were happy sufficient to pass through over our in the offing bail out point in Saint Lucia and sailed in the evening.

At the beginning of the morning the next day, Jon was having a nap even as we sailed merely a mile or two overseas down the shore of St. Vincent. We thought – maybe not for the first time – your islands are really the most wonderful whenever you’re evaluating them from the distance. Which led me to other sentiments that I’m at the moment realizing happen to be plainly iterated in song, from the Distance. After one rainfall squall I saw a rainbow. We were totally becalmed and motoring for the following downpour, and afterwards I saw a huge pod of dolphins and smelled the strong fragrance of spices wafting over through the land. It wasn’t as good as having a whale jump out of the water right facing the face on your view – two times – however it ended up being alright.

We were anchored in Admiralty Bay, Bequia, by 2:00pm, with sufficient time to clear in before the traditions workplace closed. We actually enjoyed strolling the Belmont Walkway which links to a different path wrapping halfway around Admiralty Bay so we walked it numerous times, stopping for beverage at among the beachfront pubs. We took a long walk around the top Mount nice and back down to Ravine Bay to understand blow hole there, also it would not disappoint. We stopped multiple times during the Whaleboner, hoping it would be available so we’re able to have a beverage. Although the fact that it was closed down meant that individuals had the ability to just take photos of ourselves within bar without really spending money on any beverages, therefore it exercised completely.